Merchants, artisans, musicians, jugglers, actors, artists, men of law, ladies and knights, monks and peasants, soldiers and falconers. Hundreds of walk-ons all around the severe towers, imposing palazzi and churches or amongst the houses of the village or the military tents in the shade of the Medici Fortress. A unique occasion to be experienced from morning to night, the magic atmosphere of Volterra in AD 1398. The city will be animated by fiery warhorses, fearless knights, noblemen, ladies, artisans and merchants, common people and peasants, flagwavers and crossbowmen, musicians and jesters….if by magic they will bring back the mysterious and magic Middle Ages to Volterra.

The currency circulating during the Middle Ages was the denaro grosso, simply called “Grosso”. The Grosso will be the only currency in circulation on Sunday 17th and 24th during “the Day of the 1398 festival”. Crafts, food and wine may only be purchased with this currency.

The end of the 14th century was no positive period for Volterra: crushed by the increasing power of Florence and tormented by frequent famine, Volterra had to face the consequences of the war between Florence and the “Visconti” family. The Free Company leaded by Alberico da Barbiano on the payroll of the Milanese lords, already from its arrival in 1396, had caused serious damages to the countryside of Volterra. To perk up destiny and morale of the inhabitants, the “Priori” approved in 1398 to suspend the payment of the duty and, for this reason, a feast war organized and the city became animated with music, colors of flags, balls, glee and skill of jesters. Who happened to pass through the city during that celebration week, experienced a fablelike atmosphere among both the austere towers and the houses in the countryside. But the violence of those difficult moments was not over and weapons came to rule the city again. Last day of the feast the fortified field of a free company on the payroll of Volterra citizens was attacked by the city troops.  Those arrogant mercenary troops that pretended double wages were defeated, its leaders arrested and brought in front of the magistrates.

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